Tuesday, October 25, 2005

beige brothers of the blogosphere...

I found the blog of this guy who call's himself the assimilated negro.

Who knew the world of the light-skinneded black man was mired in so much existential angst? He seems to enjoy being a slight asshole so that he can assume it is his assholishness that makes people dislike him and not his soaring intellect. I wouldn't know anything about that. I am fairly certain this guys is smarther than me because he is much more comfortable with being an ass than I am.

mr. wilson


The Assimilated Negro said...

I make people dislike me?



far from soaring, my intellect is fairly grounded. maybe even subterranean.


do visit again though, need more bros over at TAN

respectfully submitted,
The ASSimilated Negro

Mr. Wilson said...

you say offputting things, but in a humorous way so that one cannot quite tell what is an expression of your true feelings and what is there just to create a diversion...which puts people at a safe distance...yet you know you are funny, (or talented or charming) enough that they won't go completely away. its how you establish your space.

or maybe i am reflecting myself (wtihout the penchant for humor)...i just really identified with some of your material, thought not all.

and from one national merit/achievement scholar to another, yeah, you do have a soaring intellect because not many people would make me think about reading a book...just last night i happened to glance upon blink by malcolm gladwell (i already read the tipping point a while back) and by some coincedence i sat at a table that had that seth godin book on it...

mr. wilson

P.S. malcolm gladwell is an interesting dude. any chance he is an assimilated negro passing for white?

The Assimilated Negro said...

I would love to hang out with Malcolm to get a feel for how much assimilated and how much negro is in his TAN soufflé