Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Iceman Cometh

I am sorry to my family and friends and most of all, the significant others who have had to suffer on the account of my addiction. I have been selfish and mostly unrepentant. In spite of all the warnings that there are some things good little southern black boys just don't do...I can't help myself. I just cannot seem to stop playing in the snow...


That time of year has come. There is a chill in the air and mother nature is brewing her first major storm of the year that is just making land-fall in the Sierra Nevadas as I type this. This weekend, I will return once again to Mammoth Lakes, home away from home. I am a knuckle-dragger, a one planker, a shredder...I am a snowboarder.

I plan to narrate my experiences on the mountain this year on a separate blog. Years ago when I first started snowboarding, my best friend and I toyed around with the idea of writing a book about snowboarding, and how it was a metaphor for living. Every year, I wonder why I haven't even attempted to write the first sentence to that book. Well, I don't want to keep wondering anymore, so Steep & Deep* is being born today. Feel free to check it out throughout the season.

mr. wilson

*editors note: obviously this is a failed experiment as of Jan. 12. 2006. I just haven't had the time and the energy to contribute much to either blog this winter.

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nuwavesoul said...

Look at the God take flight... Great Pic Kacy!!!

chad said...

Mr. Wilson,
Can't wait to read your thoughts about the season on the mountain. I just got home from my frist trip out this winter (Mt Mansfield in Stowe, VT). It was a good opening day on some relatively difficult terrain. Not catching as much air as you yet though.

Your fellow addict,

"When I'm snowboarding and my feet are strapped in, my brain seems to have a direct connection to my legs. There's a real physical change before I get up to the mountain and when I come down."
~Montel Williams (diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis)