Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From One Uncle Tom to Another... missed the point the entire point Mr. Hill.

In response to the NYtimes article below...

Grant Hill's rebuttal to Jalen Rose's comments 18 years ago as a college freshman (and Mr. Roses weak defense of those comments recently) misses the point and kind of re-iterates what Jalen Rose was saying at the same time.

Grant Hill writes a very articulate and non-theatening defense of black Duke players, and all black children raised in 2 parent households. But the reality is that Duke has a tradition of recruiting players that are "coachable" and tht they deem to have "character". But how does the coaching/recruiting staff at Duke determine if a player is coachable and has character? Do they really know how to determine the quality of character in a black player or do they continually confirm there own prejudices and biases by steering away from black athletes with too much individuality. Do they look for black players like Grant Hill who have been raised to be more non-theatening and more empathetic with the perceptions of white people then a child from the ghetto who might be too angry about being marginlaized his whole life to care.

Mr. Hill, I am a product of a two parent household, with both of my parents possessing at least a B.S. degree. I am the same age as you, so we have grown up in the same historical context and I say that response to Jalen's Uncle Tom comments is consistent with the same behavior that got you recruited to go to Duke. You spoke in measured tones and made a reasonable compelling argument that will not challenge anyone, particuraly anyone who wants to ignore their own complicity in churning out angry black men. But you turned your back on your brother and his pain, demonstrating your "good genes" and "better breeding." That my, my brother, is mildly Uncle Tom-like behavior, in a modern context.

Its not all bad though Mr. Hill. In your defense of yourself, you did allow a little of those buried feelings of anger and rage to surface, even if they are directed at your brothers who have made you feel ashamed for knowing how to go for self in a world that has little empathy for black men. (And boy can I empahthize with you for being made to feel guilty for growing up like the Hustables). I am not mad at your or any other Dukies for your achievements and the example you generally set. With that time, consider just letting your brother express his anger and respect his outlook instead of looking for some rationale point of contention. Hell, live vicariously through his freedom to just not give a damn what some people might think since we both know you and I can probably never do that.

-a fellow Uncle Tom

Note from author: Maybe I am just hating because Grant Hill snatched up Tamia years ago...I think I have been mad about that one for about 15 years now...

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